Boys 2 Men Ministry

Boys 2 Men Ministry

Greater Liberty Baptist Church

Boys 2 Men Ministry


Ministry Lead: Bro. Sean Russell

Purpose: To teach young men how to present themselves in church and to the world while participating in church ministries and outside activities.


  • Inspire young men to participate in church
  • Instill Godly values that will help them grow and lead the church for the next generation
  • Build a strong Christian walk, Character and Confidence (3 Cs)

Ministry Session: Every third Sunday of the month during morning worship service after Intercessory Prayer, the boys will meet for their monthly discussion topic

Ministry Outline (this will take place after offering on the Educational Wing):

  • Opening Scripture/prayer
  • Topical discussion (topics will vary by month)
  • Closing prayer

Ministry Service: Usher on third of Sunday of every month at 10:45am worship service. Attire: white shirt, black tie, black pants with belt and black shoes

Participants: Young boys between the ages of 8 yrs.

 old – 8th grade

Ministry Requirements: 

  • Attend church regularly with a positive Christian attitude
  • Dressed in proper attire
  • Bring Bible (if you do not have a Bible one will be provided to you)

Ministry Transition Plan: At the age of 13, the young men will have an opportunity to serve as junior leads in the ministry within the church (i.e., deacons, sound ministry, usher and music)