Unified and Moving Toward a Higher Plane

United World Missions Missionary


We are on the UWM Kenya Team, serving in the southern border town of Taveta. We partner with a local ministry called Taveta Children’s Assistance.

We are close partners with Pastor Samson Kiriinya, the Director of Taveta Children’s Assistance. This ministry is a feeding and educational outreach to the desperate orphaned and single-parent children of Taveta. We assist Pastor Samson with financial planning, partnership development and logistical support.

In addition, we do discipleship and leadership training in the local Christian community.

Finally, we work with local pastors to mobilize their churches toward involvement in global missions.

Lucy also serves as Regional Chair for the Women’s Fellowship of the Africa Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the health and spiritual well-being of the children involved in Taveta’s Children Assistance; that we many be a positive influence in their very difficult lives
  • For good cooperation, communication and attitudes at the leadership level as we partner in the operation and decision-making of TCA
  • That we may be discerning and overcome devilish influences in our work to correctly disciple Christians from animistic and cultish backgrounds

FranceLise and Jose Oliveiras Working in Africa